Douglas County Cancer Services
2880 NW Stewart Parkway #202
Roseburg, OR 97471


Providing support & services
for Douglas County cancer patients since 1989

For more information about programs and services contact us:

Phone:                                                 541-440-9409                                             

Physical Address:                             2880 NW Stewart Parkway, Suite 202

                                                              Roseburg, Oregon 97471

Hours:                                                  Monday - Thursday
                                                              9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Email Address:                        

Douglas County Cancer Services 
Board of Directors


                            Chair                                                        Sharon Carlson

                            Secretary                                                Connie Grady

                            Finance Manager                                  Karen Bartley

                            Volunteer Coordinator                          Karen Prowell

                            Executive Director                                Jackie Barnett

                            General Members      

                            Sandy Wertz                                          Sara Ray
                            Jessica Schultz                                      Donna Russell
                            Garrett Stembridge                               Ronda Paschke

                            Grayson Bly

                            At Large Members

                            Brett Parrett                                           Shari Notenboom
                            Dan Bain                                                 Randy Moore, D.O.
                            Rick Watkins

Douglas County Cancer Services (DCCS), established in 1989, is volunteer driven, non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and services to Douglas County residents who are undergoing cancer treatment.

DCCS is located in the Community Cancer Center as an easily accessible resource for cancer patients.

DCCS is a sole entity governed only by its Board of Directors and is funded solely through donations, grants and fund raisers conducted throughout the year.

All funds raised by DCCS remain in Douglas County to assist Douglas County cancer patients.

All services provided by DCCS to Douglas County cancer patients are free of charge.

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